If you want to start a business of buying and selling domain names, the value you sell your domain names at will have a lot to do with the success of your business and help you purchase more names later on. Selling domain names at the highest value is important, especially if you are working with lower value domain names to start with. Buying and selling domain names can yield you a profit if you are able to do most of the work yourself and not pay a third-party for sales commission.

Using a domain marketplace has its advantages because they provide security for the seller when you are dealing with hot or in-demand domain names. Many of the marketplaces charge a commission between 8 and 20 percent, and when you are working with a low value domain name, you will not end up with much money in your pocket after the sale. When you decide which domain names you want to buy for a later sale, stick with names that feature keywords and easily searched terms so it has potential to attract traffic.

Once you purchase a domain and want to sell it, do some research and find marketplaces or forums to sell your domain name for free. Listing your domain name on a forum will expose the name to a vast number of people and possibly obtain a sale in a short amount of time. If you have many domain names to sell, an online portfolio to highlight them all creates a convenient platform for people wanting to buy names. Keep your portfolio clean in design and professional to ensure it is user friendly for anyone that comes across your domain name portfolio. To add ease to the transaction, you can easily set up a payment option so buyers complete the transaction while they are in the portfolio.

If you are interested in creating a domain name portfolio, it is recommended that you start a blog in order to display the various domain names you have and create visual examples of each one, to interest a potential buyer. With each domain name, you could also suggest a few industries or uses the domain name best represents.

When you are just starting out with selling domain names, the location in which you sell can have an impact on your profit. Choose a marketplace when you have a domain name that is in demand; otherwise, try to sell the name through forums or free marketplaces.