What is a Domain Name?

There are a couple of ways to answer the question of, “What is a domain name?” The answer is that a domain name is registered within the Domain Name System (DNS) and basically states that an entity has authority over a particular space in the internet. In more simple terms, a domain name is an address on the internet and allows your website to be found. Similar to a physical address, a domain name tells people exactly where to find you on the internet.

You can access a domain name a couple of ways:

  1. You can access a domain name by linking it from another web page. Many websites owners rely heavily on establishing a network of links in order to lead others to their web address. This way people do not have to know your exact web address and you can still be found.
  2. Another way for people to find a domain name is by typing the address into your computer directly. This requires a lot of name recognition to have people get to your site without linking through others; either that or you have done some search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure that your site comes up when certain keywords are typed.

Even if you don’t know all the intricacies of the technology involved in creating and maintaining them, hopefully you at least generally understand the question of “what is a domain name” with some level of confidence.  You should also read this article about what makes a domain name valuable

.  In today’s world, if you don’t have a web presence in some form or another, it will be harder for you or your business to be found – but not impossible!