Value Domain name

Are you interested in finding out the value of your domain name? One way to see how much your domain name is would be to list it for sale on an aftermarket site. There are quality sites like Netfleet ( which bring together domain name sellers and buyers to either buy or sell a domain name. When starting a business, domain name value can be considered just as valuable as the business name (it may be wise to make both names the same in this case).

Ultimately the value a domain name has will be closely related to how much revenue it is currently, or at least has the potential to generate. There have been cases where the value of a domain name was $2,500 and just a short time later this same domain name was valued at more than $50,000. So the question is what happened to this domain name between $2,500 and $50,000? The answer most likely lies in the ad revenue dollars the site began receiving.

Think about this: you may not always have an accurate way to contact your clients. Physical as well as email addresses change right along with telephone numbers. Domain name values mean a lot when you think about how they really keep your customers able to find you. So try to make the name something that is memorable and easy to spell if you can. These things may seem simple and common sense but if they are ignored they can mean the difference between having a valuable domain name and having one that is worthless.