Domain Name Sales

Domain name sales have been and will continue to be big business where the internet is concerned. As a matter of fact, many internet savvy entrepreneurs are spending all of their time profiting off this phenomenon of domain name sales. Truthfully, anyone who owns a domain name that would be popular for a specific niche has the potential of generating revenue from this domain name.

Early on many people could see the future of how valuable certain domain names would be. In the beginning what you had was a lot of people buying up domain names that they didn’t necessarily have a use for themselves but knew that eventually they would have value. There have been cases where domain names have been bought for hundreds of dollars and later ended up selling for thousands (often millions) of dollars. So as you can see with the right insight, domain names sales can be a very lucrative business to enter into.

Of course one of the greatest things about domain name sales is that you can generate income from a site without constantly keeping new and fresh content on the site. By using your site as a door for other paid links to be placed on your site, a domain name owner can rake in a ton of money. If you have a domain name that can generate traffic for certain key words, there are many website that will pay you to post links to their sites on yours; each time someone clicks on the link through your site, you end up getting paid.

If you are looking for historical data on domain name sales in Australia, Netfleet is probably your best resource.