Australian Domain Name

A domain name for Australia or (Australian domain name) means that the name you purchased the rights to use will have ‘.au’ at the end it. Because the internet was born in America, most have become familiar with simple ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.org’. But there are specific Australian domain name options that Aussies can choose for sites that we want to make sure our fellow countrymen can find. In these cases it makes sense to register a domain name that is also an Australian domain name.

The options for Australian domain names are listed below:

  • – basic commercial usage
  •– basic commercial usage
  • – for Austrial citizens
  • – charities, clubs, and non-profits here
  • – political organisations

As you will notice each has ‘.au’ extension on the tail end; this is what let’s you know that the domain name in question is actually an Australian domain name. Keep in mind that many customers like knowing that they are doing business with a home-grown company, have an ‘.au’ on your web address lets potential clients know you belong in that category. Also, the major search engines – like Google – have Google Australia which caters to web surfers in Australia.

Basically, a domain name from Australia will be a good way to market that you are a local business and begin gaining loyal customers. Search engines will be able to find you easier and establishing brand identification among fellow countrymen regarding your business as well. Australian’s who need a domain name registered should seriously consider an Australian domain name for their business or organisation.