Domain Name Lookup

It is not that hard to do a domain name lookup these days. There are several sites which focus solely on providing this service. WHOIS is one of the more popular places to go for domain name lookup. In addition, most of the registrars will have a way for users to lookup a domain name.

There are a couple of reasons why one usually does a domain name lookup:

  • You want to see if a particular domain name is available for use. If you’ve got an idea for a domain name that you think you want to use, utilizing a domain name lookup is a good idea. The last thing you want to do is get your heart set on a domain name that is unavailable.
  • You want to find out who owns a domain name that is already registered. There are various reasons why someone would want to track down a domain name owner via a domain name lookup.

You can also log on to if you want to look up domain names that are being bought and sold. Reselling of domain names has become very popular as well as profitable for some. In Australia, for example, it has only recently come to the time where domain names ending in ‘.au’ can be resold (only after being owned for a minimum of 6 months).

Domain name lookup will often be used after using a domain name generator to search for names that will fit your web purposes. These resources, and others like them are utilized, are very helpful when it comes to establishing your web presence in the most effective way possible.